Super absorbent polymer (SAP)

SAP is a kind of eco-friendly material with strong water absorbability.

It can absorb plenty water, and will be bigger into gel form to lock water.

Super absorbent polymer for agriculture

Super absorbent polymer for agriculture, also called potassium polyacrylate or Ag-SAP, can help plants retaining water. We can consider it as a “mini-reservoir “.

There’re some differences from other SAP type,

  • It’s potassium polyacrylate as the main ingredient. (The other type sodium polyacrylate will cause soil salinization)
  • Auto to release water. Ag-SAP’s water holding ability is stronger than soil’s, but weaker than root of plants’.
  • Repeatedly absorbing & releasing in soil. Ag-SAP can get the water absorbing ability again after release the absorbed water.
  • Long life time. Ag-SAP will live in soil for months. (the SAP gel in diapers will disappear in one week in soil.)