With the improvement of quality of life, people have more and more requirements for practical furniture.

Naturally, there is a higher technical requirement for edge of furniture, and the demand of the edge sealing machine is long lasting. Whether it is custom furniture or a large number of the same specifications office desk production. Edge banding machine has become an indispensable tool for individual carpentry, large furniture factory.

Automatic Edge Banding Machine for Heavy Duty (586G)


Name Heavy Duty Automatic edge banding machine
Model 586G
Electrical lifting yes
Total power 25kw
Machine dimension 11000*110*1600mm
Feeding speed 0-32m/min
Panel width 10-65mm
Banding tape thickness 0.4-3mm
Panel thickness 9-60mm
Panel width ≥60mm
Working pressure 0.7mpa

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Functional details

Separating Agent


Infrared Baking Lamp

Quick Melt


Tape Head Cutting

Tape End Cutting

Edge Trimming

Corner Rounding

Edge Scraping

Wire Remove

Flat Polishing

Cleaning Agent

Edge Polishing

Further Details