Super Absorbent Polymer

Superabsorbent polymer for plants – Potassium polyacrylate

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*This page is about superabsorbent polymer for plant, potassium polyacrylate, water retaining agent/gel. Potassium polyacrylate - the superabsorbent polymer for plant Potassium polyacrylate is a potassium salt of polyacrylic acid with the chemical formula [−CH2−CH(CO2K)−]n. As a type of superabsorbent polymer for plants, potassium polyacrylate is a unique superabsorbent granule, which [...]

Superabsorbent polymer (SAP)

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*This page is about superabsorbent polymer, slush powder, potassium polyacrylate, sodium polyacrylate, SAP. Brief introduction The origins of superabsorbent polymer chemistry trace back to the early 1960s when the U.S. Department of Agriculture developed the first super absorbent polymer materials. As a function polymer material, superabsorbent polymer (SAP) has strong water absorbing [...]

Sodium polyacrylate for Cables

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*This page is about sodium polyacrylate for cables. Sodium polyacrylate Sodium polyacrylate also referred to as Slush Polymer has the capacity to absorb and retain liquid in large quantities relative to its own mass. It is a white granular or powder solution material which can absorb liquid a hundred times its weight [...]