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Machine Advantages

Heavy duty

The machine bed is made of 150*300, 150*200 rectangular tube and 10 mm steel plate.

  • High rigidity and high strength.
  • The 20mm steel plate is milled to 10mm

High quality shaft drive adopts

X&Y shaft drive adopts Japan SHIMPO reducer, Germany Henryan high-precision oblique gear, with high-speed displacement positioning accuracy, reduce noise, rapid displacement up to 60m / min, smooth and accurate displacement, the maximum machining displacement speed can reach 30m / min.

European certification CE electric

Large screen display interface


No intermittent tool change

One-button tool change

Production management system

  • The slab list automatic processing function
  • The system will automatically record the work process. simple and fast

  • Public side, accelerate through
  • Preheating machine

  • No need to return to the origin
    • It does not need to return to the original point for one-button start, direct processing, which can ensure the accuracy, save processing time, improve work efficiency, and the device can work after booting.
    • Power-off breakpoint continuous carving function
  • Vacuuming. There is no dead angle in the dust collecting port, all the wood chips are sucked away.
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