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The woodworking machinery manufacturer of CNC router, edge bander, sander machine, cut off saw, finger joint line, sliding table saw, etc. Welcome to our website: woodworkingmachinery.net

HICAS – Woodworking machinery supplier in China

HICAS Wooden MachineryPurposeOffering high quality class Chinese woodworking machinery (& service).Main ProductsMachines including CNC carving machine, edge bonding machine, sander machine, cut off saw, finger joint machine, sliding table saw, etc. Contact info Email: [email protected] (Mr. Simon) Address: No.237, Wan Nian Quan Road, Li Cang District, Qing Dao City, Shan Dong Province. [...]

Cheap Electric Wood Thickness Planer Machine in China

Thicknesser (Plain cutter) Thickness is a woodworking machine to trim boards to a consistent thickness throughout their length and flat on upper surface. HC-105A/106A How to operate it? Parameter Model HC-106A HC-105A Max. working width 600mm 500mm Max. working thickness 180mm 180mm [...]

Wood Multi Blade Rip Saw Machine

Wood Multi Blade Rip Saw (MJ250/MJ300) Advantage 1.Professional solutions,large quantities of wood, material specifications and other wood materials multi-chip sawn. 2. Saw spindle is made from special material and specially processed for high precision, excellent durability and longer service life. 3. Both saw spindle and pressure rollers are [...]

Wooden pallet making/nailing machine for sales

Stringer Wood Pallet Nailing Machine (SF901) The Available Pallets Types Parameter of  Stringer pallets Pallet type Stringer pallets Pallet width 700-1500mm Pallet length 600-1500mm Pallet height 80-150mm Stringer height 70-130mm Stringer width 30-50mm, +/-3mm tolerance Foot & roof board thickness 10-25mm Productivity 1200pc/8h shift (1000*1200mm pallet) Nailing gun [...]

China Automatic Edge Banding Machine

With the improvement of quality of life, people have more and more requirements for practical furniture. Naturally, there is a higher technical requirement for edge of furniture, and the demand of the edge sealing machine is long lasting. Whether it is custom furniture or a large number of the same specifications office desk [...]

China Woodworking CNC Router Machine – Panel Furniture Production Line

Application Suitable for high-production mode, is an economic and efficient processing equipment. The worktable can be directly adsorbed on the whole board, without any trimming preparation. Suitable for milling and drilling compound processing production mode, belonging to precision and high efficiency processing equipment. Equipped with any combination of drilling, drilling, [...]

Desktop Wood CNC Router Machine for Woodworking

https://youtu.be/mly_LQeCCSM CNC (computer numerical control) means the method of controlling the movement of the machine tool and its machining process with digital signals. The CNC machining process technology in the wood means the process method for processing wood product parts with CNC machine. [...]

CNC Router Machine (with safety / preventive maintenance checklist)

https://youtu.be/JJ5JFtfYROY CNC (computer numerical control) Router is a computer-controlled cutting machine. It can be divided into mechanical engraving machine, laser engraving machine and plasma engraving machine. These two types CNC routers cab are both divided into high-power type and low-power type. The low-power CNC router is limited by [...]

Automatic Wood Pallet Leg Nailing Machine

Wood board length 800-1350mm Wood board width 80-150mm Wood board thickness 12-20mm Wood block length 80-150mm Wood block width 80-150 Wood block thickness 80-100(110)mm Wood board + wood block thickness ≦130mm Productivity 400-600pc/h Nailing gun 3pc MAX CN70 Coil nails 3000 nails/coil, max. 57mm length, Nailing motor power 2.25kw Feeding block motor [...]